When you feel the wind in your face, most people don’t realize the moving air isn’t ‘pushed’ from the direction it’s coming from, rather, it is ‘pulled’ in the direction it’s going. This lack of clarity about how wind works parallels many people’s lack of clarity around making effective career and life choices. You may look where you’ve been and push yourself from behind, by your history, by your resume, into repetitive patterns that may be less than satisfying.

Do you want to be as effective as pushing air from behind? Or, do you want to flow like the wind, with ease and speed and power?

When considering where you’re going in career and life, it’s easier, more effective, and feels better, to think about what you want, what’s important to you now, what your desires are for yourself, for your development, for your future. This positive mindset cultivates a predisposition to noticing clues that lead to rewarding action in the direction of your desires. Like the wind, you can allow yourself to pulled into a more satisfying future.

Watch this 1-minute YouTube video I made on a windy day by the lake.

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