Narrative Assessment System

The CareerCycles Narrative Assessment System guides individuals through a narrative career & life clarification process rooted in their life story, followed by a guided exploration of their most promising possibilities.

Our Narrative Assessment System bridges latest career theory and thinking with a proven framework used successfully with thousands of clients from 80+ countries of origin. Brought to life by trained and caring career professionals, our approach helps clients get what matters from what happened to answer ‘What now?’ Our narrative method of practice is guided by the The Canadian Standards & Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners. Learn more at our sister organization, OneLifeTools.

Our careers and lives go through cycles of stability and change. The CareerCycles Narrative Assessment System helps clients navigate these sometimes-difficult periods of transition and make clear, confident and well-informed decisions that lead to better outcomes, and happier and more fulfilling lives.

Our narrative system follows a two stage process, illustrated in the Model shown below.

Career & Life Clarification

Reflect on your past experiences to help you determine your strengths, desires, natural interests, and other important elements. Brainstorm relevant possibilities for your future and create a Career Statement that will help guide the next stage of our Narrative Assessment System: Intentional Exploration.

Intentional Exploration

Whether the possibilities you’ve generated are a new career path, educational opportunities, entrepreneurship or something in your personal life we help you explore them before diving right in. This helps avoid investing time and money before ensuring your possibility is a good fit.

Your Question

What should I do next? What possibilities are a better fit? How do I transition my past experiences into new opportunities?

We all have big questions we face. CareerCycles guides you in making well informed and inspired choices that help you move forward and achieve your goals.


Our model is all about you and your stories! Reflect on your past experiences, gain clarity and generate promising possibilities that match your strengths & desires.


One size never fits all. At CareerCycles we encourage all our clients to follow clues and take inspired actions to explore possibilities before focusing on one and actively pursuing it.

Job Search help

Once you know what you want, we'll help you get there! For those who need the support we'll help refine your job search strategy and improve your career tools including resume, LinkedIn profile and interview skills.

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Our Narrative Assessment System has helped thousands of clients and is empirically proven to increase clients’ sense of hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism (read Retrospective Outcome Study in peer-reviewed journal article).

The CareerCycles Narrative System is delivered in our one-on-one Career Programs, through the Online Storyteller and in an introductory format through the Who You Are Matters! game.

Contact us to learn more about our Narrative Assessment System and get started with CareerCycles.

View a high level version of the Narrative Assessment System framework.
View the detailed, full version here.

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