Want to start getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in your career? “Stop trying to figure out how and try helping someone else get what they want.” said Paul Tobey, president of Training Business Pros and recent Career Buzz guest. Tune in this Wednesday to hear powerful moments from Paul Tobey’s interview and guests from past Career Buzz shows, with all three of your hosts, Mark Franklin, Louisa Jewell and Leigh Anne Saxe.

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Career Tip – Open up a Whole New World – from Oct. 11 Career Buzz show:

Dimitri van Kampen, founder and president of Spearhead Brewing Company, and former lawyer, told listeners how beer “opened up a whole new world to me.” At a pub in London, England in 2009, he and his colleagues were lamenting the financial collapse. “Lawyers often wonder what they should have done instead of going into law. I said, ‘I should have opened a brewery. I know enough about beer to have done that.’ And then I went back to my office and started thinking, well, why can’t I do that? And the rest is history.”

CareerCycles tip: Why wait until your career and life falls apart? What demonstrated interest of yours, like Dimitri’s interest in beer, opens up a whole new world for you? New career plans often emerge from demonstrated interests, even when those plans start very small. What’s one thing you’d like to do this week to deepen that demonstrated interest?

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