October 12, 2011

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Dimitri van Kampen is a self-described beer geek and foodie, a passionate real beer advocate and homebrewer. While working in project finance at a large international law firm in London, England, making senior partners unimaginably wealthy and spending countless hours in pubs, Dimitri became interested in real ale. When he returned to Canada in 2009, he took up homebrewing with his best friend Ari Starr and started to write the business plan for Spearhead Brewing Company. Then he met finance professional Martin Villeneuve and the rest, as they say, is history. Brew up some career magic and dial us in Wednesday at 11.

Philip Maguire is founder and Managing Director of Executive Mentors which retains retired business executives who have the time, energy and wisdom to mentor Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. Philip himself is a mentor for the Ryerson University’s StartMeUp program, a Chartered Accountant at accounting practice, Glenidan Consultancy, and earlier was a Vice-President of Finance at one of the country’s largest financial institutions. Tune in to hear what you can gain from mentorship!

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Career Tip – Rebirth your career and life – from Sept. 28 Career Buzz show:

Brent Kopperson “rebirthed” his career by becoming a cemetery landscaper after his successful business and life fell apart. “I needed a place to have some fallow time. To reinvigorate myself I needed to have that space to reconnect with the earth and myself. I just decided I was going to work outside and came to the conclusion a cemetery might a great place to rebirth. I learned how to slow down and organize my thoughts. I came to the conclusion I wanted to work on something that would leave a legacy.” He then founded Windfall Ecology Centre.

CareerCycles tip: Why wait until your career and life falls apart? Reconnect to yourself and the earth with intentional time outdoors. Walk, bike, run, or pick apples. And go with the intention to answer these questions: “What handful of lessons have I learned about making career and life choices? What do I want now in my career and life, based on what I’ve learned?”

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