Career Buzz – Marie Zimenoff and Wayne Pagani on Hoda’s Career Info

Dr. Hoda Kilani is raising Career Literacy one interview at a time. In this episode, guests Marie Zimenoff and Wayne Pagani talk about the meaning of career agility and the value of keeping your network fresh. We will also learn about the Me First Model. And finally, be sure to listen till the end to find [...]

Career Buzz – private yacht boat captain, Robert High, and career professional, Angie Bjornson

After being shot at, threatened at gunpoint and rattled by having to catch drug runners, Robert High decided to change careers. He left the US Coast Guard and began a new career chapter as a private yacht boat captain. Hear Robert High’s fascinating career story, and take a tour of the 150 foot Cabernet yacht [...]

Career Buzz – Make An Impact with David W. Reynolds on Hoda’s Career Info

Dr Hoda Kilani is raising Career Literacy one interview at a time. On a recent episode of her Hoda’s Career Info she interviewed David W Reynolds, creator and host of: Lead. Learn. Change. It’s a podcast, and a book by the same title. Think about the greatest experiences you’ve ever had. What, or who, made them so memorable? [...]

Career Buzz with Cindy Myall, arborist & Suchit Chanana, Project Manager at The Miller Group

Do you love being outside and being among the trees? Working with your hands? Seeing tangible results?  Then consider working as an arborist. In the second part of today’s show we chat with arborist Cindy Myall while she’s on a job taking down a black mulberry tree. But first... Roads, highways, bridges, parking lots. What does [...]

Career Buzz powerful moments from 3 hosts ~ support Career Buzz at Ride the Airwaves fall 2021 campaign

Why are career stories valuable to hear? Career Buzz listener & U of Toronto grad student, Govind Nanda, says the stories inspire him and help make well-informed career choices. Tune into Career Buzz on Nov. 17, 11-noon ET to hear 3 powerful moments from recent shows and Govind Nanda's reactions. Host Stephen Armstrong shares insights from Canadian Mining Hall of [...]

Career Buzz with Tom Brunskill, cofounder and CEO of Forage and Michal Juhas, lead tech recruiter at Geek Recruiters

How can students -- and employers -- benefit from "virtual internships"? Tom Brunskill is co-founder and CEO at Forage. They partner with leading companies to create virtual experience programs for students to build skills, gain experience and better understand different career paths. Also, after 16 years in the tech industry including a CTO role, Michal Juhas developed [...]

Career Buzz with Mikhail Burke and Jess Okonski – dean’s advisor on black inclusion and Toronto woodwork company founder

While Mikhail Burke was working on his undergrad, then PhD in biomedical engineering he got involved. He led the U of T chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, and he established ENGage; a STEM/Leadership camp targeting African-Canadian youth. So when he graduated, in addition to teaching engineering courses at U of T, he got more involved [...]

Career Buzz with Steven Petroff, Director, Client Service at IQ Partners

What careers are there for people with strong verbal communications skills and being able to put people at ease? If you’re Steven Petroff, it could be gallery owner, AND executive search recruiter. After working in business for telecom companies, Steven and his wife bought and ran an art gallery. When it was time to exit [...]

Career Buzz with Howie Woiwod and Julia Gellman – from music to watchmaking and sustainability

Standing in an antique clock store in Prague, Howie Woiwod had a career a-ha moment. Fascinated by the gears and movements hidden in the antique clock he was shown, Howie found himself thinking about it for days. Back in Montreal, he followed the clues and took inspired action to step away from his music career [...]

Career Buzz with Ali Canning, Shanza Ayub, Jasnoor Grewal and Abhishek Taneja of Let’s Get Together!

With support of friends and community partners, Ali Canning founded Let’s Get Together! It’s a non-profit for parents, youth and communities to access information and resources for educational assistance and student well-being. The mission is to Empower families; and strengthen communities. And it supports well informed career and life choices. Today we speak to Lets Get Together, [...]

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