CareerCycles has experience providing expert and effective career counselling and transition coaching. We help with career clarification, generating options, job search, resume renovation, LinkedIn makeover, outplacement, career transition, trailing spouses and expats, and partnering with employers to offer career transition, outplacement and team building programs. At CareerCycles you access our evidence-based narrative framework, and Online Storyteller web application.

What you can expect from CareerCycles career counselling in Vancouver

Whether you’re in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Langley, Surrey or anywhere else in BC’s Lower Mainland, CareerCycles can help. Learn more about our career counselling programs, and career tools programs. Contact us if you’re an experienced professional, recent grad, or seeking your next adventure.

Here is how we work with you for career counselling in Vancouver, transition coaching, outplacement and team building:

Career counselling and transition coaching. Access friendly and professional career counselling using our evidence-based narrative approach.

Career transition and outplacement. Employers maintain their reputation by offering departing employees career transition and outplacement services.

Employee engagement, teambuilding, off-sites, career management in the workplace. Request a proposal for a dynamic and engaging event based on our Who You Are Matters! discovery experience.

Resume services, LinkedIn makeover, Interview preparation, Job search assistance. Individual services to help you gain an advantage.


Our promise to you

With CareerCycles Vancouver, you will:

  • Access friendly and professional career services
  • Gain insights for a local career professional
  • Benefit from an evidence-based narrative approach
  • Get started right away in your initial Career Consultation.

What you get

  • One-on-one individual career counselling an expert career professional
  • Local in-person or phone or Skype/Zoom sessions
  • Access to our Online Storyteller web application
  • Strength of an experienced team.

For information about Vancouver career counselling, please contact:

Heidi Heung, Client Service Lead
Toll free 1-844-465-9222 or 416-465-9222
Email or use our contact page.

FAQs about CareerCycles Vancouver

What are the benefits of this kind of career service?

Our evidence-based narrative approach results in increases in hope, confidence, resilience and optimism which are correlated with increases in employment, satisfaction and person-job fit.

What is CareerCycles Vancouver?

CareerCycles is a career management social enterprise serving individual and organizational clients across North America. In Vancouver and BC’s lower mainland, a local CareerCycles Associate serves your needs, with support of an amazing team.

How much does it cost?

Investment for an initial Career Consultation is $87. Career programs start at $740. Investment for Career Tools programs is $295. Buy 2 at $560, save $30. Buy 3 at $785, save $100. Buy all 4 for $999, save $181. Support a family member or friend with the gift of a Career Tools program. Contact us for career transition and outplacement programs.

Are remote and group programs available?

Yes. Work with us via Skype, phone, or better yet, Zoom. We can share screen and work collaboratively using web conferencing tools.

What else can CareerCycles help me with?

CareerCycles provides expert career counselling and transition coaching and you access our evidence-based narrative framework, and Online Storyteller web application. We help you answer, ‘What career is good for me?’ ‘What are my options?’ ‘How can I be more effective in job search?’ ‘How can I optimize my resume and LinkedIn profile?’ We also support outplacement, trailing spouses career transition, and organizational career management programs.