How are careers – and career management – changing, especially now, during and after the pandemic? How can organizations support employees to be their best, and grow and develop even as they work from home? How can education adapt, and support students to connect the dots from education to the world of work?

Rich Feller is Professor of Counseling and Career Development at Colorado State University. He’s one of CSU’s twelve University Distinguished Teaching Scholars, and past president of the National Career Development Association. Rich has had a long and successful career in both academics and Career Development and has consulted within all 50 U.S. states – and in Canada and internationally, with organizations including Life Reimagined and YouScience. Rich has a passion for helping others – and as co-founder of OneLifeTools envisions a way to bring greater career wellbeing to a broader audience. To me personally, Rich is a friend, business partner and mentor.

Later in the episode, Shahrzad Arasteh joins Mark. She’s a Holistic Career Counselor, Speaker, and Trainer with experience in private, public, and non-profit organizations. Shahrzad is also Author of Nourish Your Career.  She joins us from Maryland.

Mark also gets a chance to speak with Mark Danaher. Career and burnout prevention coach, speaker and trainer. He’s past president of National Career Development Association, and also has experience as a school counsellor.

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