Luc Bihan is an internationally known French sculptor, trained in the San Francisco Art Institute. He has directed animation in both France and Canada and has supervised animation in China, North Korea, Poland, and Romania. As an artist, Luc feels art creation is a therapeutic meditative process, reflecting the subconscious and releasing inner thoughts and feelings. Luc’s interest is the relationship between human and organic worlds makes clay his favorite medium. He says: the language of time talks to me through my fingertips. My work, he says, is a statement of texture and sensuality.

Listen to Luc Bihan’s career story for 2 important insights: first, about how ‘other people’ can influence a career ~ you’ll hear how his personal relationships focused him not just on different careers but transitions among countries. And second, listen for how intention can shape a career even when career plans don’t exist.

Yuri Murakami, who’s a Naturopathic Doctor, is Luc’s wife and business partner in their 13-year art school in Toronto called lucscupture. It just closed in June 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Now, Luc, Yuri and their 6 year daughter have relocated to BC for their next career and life adventure. Here’s my interview with Luc Bihan, and later we’re joined by his wife, and inspiration, Yuri Murakami.

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