Aug 15, 2012

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Career Buzz goes to the Canadian Positive Psychology Association’s first conference and brings you the best presenters and insightful delegates in a short interviews to inspire your life and practice.

Tune in 11am-noon ET, Listen Live, or dial 89.5 FM in Toronto.

We start with Keynote Robert Vallerand, President of International Positive Psychology Association, and Professor at Université du Québec à Montréal. He speaks about how “harmonious passion” inoculates you against burnout, how “obsessive passion” can only be transformed into harmonious passion when you know its role in life, and how an interest becomes a passion.

Louis Alloro leads a network of change agents in Cleveland, Ohio, helping individuals and organizations kick it up a notch through positive psychology, the science of success, well-being, and flourishing. Hear about Louis’ inspired initiative, SOMO Leadership Labs (SOcial eMOtional change) to change careers and lives in Cleveland and beyond.

Haesun Moon leads Solution Focused Canada and is Program Director of Solution Focused Coaching program at Faculty of Social Work at University of Toronto. Learn from Haesun the three questions that can increase effectiveness of your client sessions by 40% and move clients from fascination to solution creation.

Plus Jamie Gruman on halcyonic well-being and what it’s like to be chair of the board of the new Canadian Positive Psychology Association.

Jim Clemmer on the link between positive psychology and organizational leadership, Jamie Cundy on solving world problems through music at Song For Africa, and more!

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