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Two couples make loving, living and working together… WORK!

August 1, 2012

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People often ask, ‘Where do you find the guests for Career Buzz?’ One of the great things about producing and hosting this show is that wherever I go I meet people with fascinating career stories! In Nova Scotia, on business in July, I met a couple who run a community building organization in Halifax. Then on vacation on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, I met another couple who run a lodge in summers while doing serious day jobs the rest of the year. This Wednesday on your show, making two work: loving, living and working together.

Sophia Horwitz and Greg Woolnertogether lead Co-Lab, an organization based in Halifax dedicated to collaboration, innovation and community building. Sophia is the “community catalyst and innovation facilitator.” She’s spearheaded transformation projects in Cuba, Honduras, Canada, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Sophia recently completed an international Masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability. Greg is Co-Lab’s “social entrepreneur and planning strategist.” An entrepreneur at heart, Greg’s last gig was running an organization that facilitated interactive team-based workshops through drumming. Most recently Greg’s focused on building community spaces through local food gatherings in the North End of Halifax. Hear this couple’s inspiring story of doing what they love until their passion fueled their livelihood.


Couple number two is Melanie and Al Douglas. Together, they own and operate Hide Away Lodge (pictured), a summer retreat near Kagawong, Ontario on Manitoulin Island. In July and August Melanie and Al take their two small kids and do their best to balance running a small hospitality business while still having a good summer. During the rest of the year, Melanie enjoys teaching and runs a special ed program in the Sudbury school district. Meanwhile, Al’s day job, is leading a research team at a not-for-profit applied research firm Mirarco, based in Sudbury. Tune in for the lowdown from Melanie and Al on living loving and working together on the world’s largest freshwater island.

Sparks from last show

What has filmmaker Robert Lieberman learned about making career and life choices? “Opportunity comes your way, and the question is whether you have the nerve to grab it, and live dangerously. If you throw yourself on life you’ll be rewarded. If you play it safe you’ll be bored. Take your pick.” Listen to the whole interview, Robert’s interview starts at 41:10.

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