Sept. 12, 2012

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I’ll be joined by Lisa Sansom, conference chair of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association to curate insightful short interviews…

We begin with Keynote Gary Latham, Professor of Organizational Behaviour and HR Management at the Rotman School of Management and author of Becoming The Evidence-Based Manager. Gary researches employee motivation and “what makes people go that extra mile.” His talk illustrated the positive benefits of subconscious goals on organizational behavior. Subconscious goals are stimuli in our environment that we’re unaware of, and yet they increase our effort, affect our persistence, influence what we do, and don’t do. Tune in for extraordinary insights you can use right away, and Gary’s infectious enthusiasm: “If you asked me five years ago whether this works, I would’ve said, ‘No.’ Unbelievably, yes it does!”

Marie-Helene Budworth dreamed of becoming a doctor but was so fascinated by her Intro Psychology course that she shifted focus and followed the clues to a career in organizational psychology – and is now associate professor at York University. Marie-Helene investigates how we can help people be the best they can be at work. She says that, “research tells us that performance reviews don’t improve performance in a predictable and consistent way.” So, she’s been exploring positive aspects of performance, using Kluger’s narrative feedforward model, having employees tell stories of success.
Kate Hefferon is a researcher and co-program leader of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at the University of East London, UK. Her research shows how physical activity enhances wellbeing and cognitive functioning. Tune in to hear the research behind Kate’s advice: “Just move!”

Clinical psychologist Tayyab Rashid uses a positive psychology approach to build “what’s-strong-to-fix-what’s-wrong” in people. Hear Tayyab’s incredible story of using positive psychology to defuse a dangerous carjacking experience.

PLUS, you’ll hear from Tami Kulbatski founder and director of the Toronto Centre for Positive Psychology and author of Ten Commandments for Couples. And, Greg Evans of the Happiness Enhancement Group. And, Jacqui Synard on the application of positive psychology following job loss. And more!

Tune in, learn and enjoy. Career Buzz is on Wednesday, September 12, 11am-noon Eastern, listen live from your computer at or tune to 89.5 FM in Toronto. 

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