Debate is good! Debate airs the many points of view that influence choices — about national policies, about your own career and life choices. Imagine members of parliament debating your career choices:

Government MP says: ‘Stay! Improve things, and do more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.’ (This is called ‘Job Crafting’).
Opposition MP says: ‘Go! Try something new, do what you’ve always wanted to do.’
Minority party MP (siding with Opposition and aiming to overthrow the Government) says: ‘Yes, go! The move will improve your career and lifestyle.’

And so on. But, the debate can get out of hand, become boisterous, unproductive, disrespectful. Sometimes you have to sidestep the debate and get out.

Watch this 1-minute YouTube video I made while cycling across the Ottawa River in view of the Parliament buildings.

What’s your debate? What do you get from the debate? What does the debate ‘cost’ you? Leave a comment on the blog post! Join our teleworkshop on Wednesday (12.15-1 pm ET), and share your ideas.
-Mark at CareerCycles

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