June 17th

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When unemployed social media strategist Hagan Blount was looking for work, he walked around New York City wearing a sandwich board that said: Will tweet for food. Plus, he posted his provocative infographic resume online and launched a social media campaign. The results? Four job interviews, a contract with Coke, an offer to co-found a startup, and a couple of dates. Check out Hagan’s resume and email or tweet @careercycles and get you opinions on the air.

Helene Vukovich is Associate Dean in the Faculty of Business, Arts and Design at George Brown College. She leads the Centre for Business and the Centre for Arts and Design. Before joining the college in 2003 she held management roles in financial services at Fidelity Investments and Mackenzie Financial. She was a member of the Canadian Womens’ National Volleyball team for five years then played professionally in Italy for another five years. Tune in for Helene’s career journey!

Insight from June 10 Career Buzz:

“Organizations create careers, but also, careers create organizations. It’s the way people develop their talents, through movement, that actually creates dynamic organizations,” said Tony Watts, Visiting Professor of Career Development at the University of Derby, England. Hear the whole inspiring interview with Heather Turnbull also.

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