June 10, 2011

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Professor Tony Watts joins us by phone from Cambridge, England, shedding light on how to develop our careers for the future. He is Visiting Professor of Career Development at the University of Derby, England, has lectured in over 60 countries, and written books, articles and commissioned studies, recently focusing on the use of internet technology to support career development. Mostly though, Tony is an impassioned advocate for widespread career well-being through government policy, educational institutions, organizations — Tony says, “organizations create careers, and then careers create organizations” — and anywhere else people can be reached. Tony will tell about the ONE MILLION callers to pilot of a career helpline in the UK and what that says about the need for providing career support in a world where career security comes not from an employer, but from employ-ability.

Heather Turnbull, International President of Association of Career Professionals International shares ideas to achieve better economies of scale for delivering value to buyers of career services and to career professionals themselves. Heather will give listeners the inside scoop on enormous changes within the career industry, how services will be delivered, how to ‘re-professionalize’ the field, the merits of pursuing international common standards of practice, and the perils facing the career industry if it doesn’t get its act together.

Plus, you’ll hear the surprising career stories of these two career leaders, and the plan-ful serendipity that led them to their own career well-being.

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