In this episode, host Erica Mattison and guest Amandine Le Roux Hancock explore how to enable your curiosity to guide you to a rich career that is an expression of who you are. They get into topics including mindfulness, work-life harmony, resilience, movement-building, the value of grounding our career and life choices in love and playfulness. As Amandine asks, “What are we on the planet to do, if not to try things?”

From digital marketing professional for a statewide climate nonprofit to self-employed sound healer and mindfulness coach, Amandine shares about her diverse career journey. She weaves spirituality into her practice as a life coach who helps her clients create transformation in their lives. Through sound healing, she combines her love of music and healing.

BIO: Meet Amandine, a dedicated catalyst for change in the realm of personal growth, sound healing and mindfulness. As a seasoned Mindfulness Coach and transformative educator, she guides her clients through the vibrant landscape of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. With over 6,000 lives touched through her sound healing work, Amandine has sculpted a suite of offerings that resonate with the soul’s quest for deeper understanding of oneself and its unique map to inner-peace.

Born in France, Amandine relocated to the US and currently resides in Central Oregon. She is a musician, a meditation teacher, an entrepreneur, and a mother who has cultivated resilience throughout her career.

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