Solving huge challenges like climate change presents an opportunity for each of us to draw upon our unique strengths and lived experiences. And that’s what Hessann Farooqi is doing through his career.

In this episode of Career Buzz, guest-host Erica Mattison speaks with Hessann Farooqi, Executive Director of The Boston Climate Action Network (BCAN), about the importance of relationship building and other valuable skills for leaders of nonprofit organizations. Hessann shares how he combines his passion for public policy with his dedication to advancing climate solutions on the local level.

They originally met when Hessann was an undergraduate student at Boston University. Erica hired him as an intern for the Boston University Sustainability communications team. Find out how he’s honing skills in public speaking, relationship building, and research and analysis to grow a grassroots movement rooted in climate justice.

BCAN is a community-based nonprofit organization that organizes residents to advocate for local climate justice action. It brings together residents, community groups, and policy makers to equitably transition Boston from fossil fuels and improve its resilience.

Learn more about the Boston Climate Action Network at and Hessann Farooqi via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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