Jan 18, 2012

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Terry O’Reilly says ’embrace the obstacle!’

Terry O'Reilly and Career Buzz Host Mark FranklinAward winning advertising and marketing expert, Terry O’Reilly, author of “The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture,” and host of “Under the Influence” on national CBC radio joined Career Buzz host Mark Franklin (pictured together at left) for a feature conversation. In this exciting hour of radio, these career questions are discussed: What can you do better to communicate your own story and harness “The Power Of Storytelling”? What can the career field learn to shape up its image and market itself better? Why do clients and customers have to feel, not just understand? And as always on Career Buzz, you get the story behind the story and hear the key turning points in Terry’s own career. Terry O’Reilly co-founded Pirate Radio & Television, a creative audio production company, in 1990. Pirate has a staff of 50, with 8 recording studios in Toronto and New York City. Terry has won a few hundred national and international awards for writing and directing. He hosts sold-out creative radio seminars, and was named Canadian judge for the inaugural year of Radio at the Cannes Advertising Festival in France. Inspire your life, empower your career, enrich your week. Join us WEDNESDAY’s 11am-noon at 89.5FM or www.ciut.fm. Listen to our inspiring past shows. CareerCycles tip from the Jan 11 show… Look at professional services to help you develop your career for the future as an “investment,” rather than a “cost.” Hear Canadian Career Development Foundation co-executive directors, Lynne Bezanson and Sareena Hopkins talk about the need for clearer and more effective language when talking about careers and career development. This was a key topic of CCDF’s participation at a recent International Symposium on Career Development and Public Policy in Budapest. Hear the whole interview. Looking for an active and meaningful way to spend a week in the sun? CareerCycles and Companeros present…Enriching lives and careers trip to Nicaragua, Feb. 23 – March 2. Build a transitional house alongside the family that will live there and local skilled tradespeople hired with your program fees. Strengthen your career in 2012 and beyond with a revolutionary tool for career management, the Career Statement. Read more… Get started with our weekly free teleworkshop Or, contact us to schedule your initial exploratory consultation and the fee is credited toward your career program. Make the connection. Contact 416-465-9222 or service@careercycles.com. Attending Cannexus national career conference in Ottawa? CareerCycles presents, “Methods in our madness! Benefits of a clear method-of-practice” Tues., Jan. 24, 1pm. Visit us in the exhibitor hall! Remember, a referral is sending someone you care about to someone you respect. Please don’t keep us a secret.
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