Feb 8, 2012

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How can a demonstrated interest lead to career happiness?

In this Feb. 8 edition of Career Buzz, we explore one demonstrated interest, in cycling, and how it has led to satisfying careers in the lives of our five guests…

Cycling has always been a part of Kristin Schwartz’s life. Her career story led to her current Cycling Outreach Coordinator position at CultureLink matching newcomers with Toronto cyclists, after years working jobs in media and communications. Hear Kristin’s cycle through paid and volunteer work toward a job she loves.

Darren Duke says he has the best job he’s ever had, as The Learning Enrichment Foundation’s Manager of Bixi Repair. Hear Darren’s spin through employment gigs in retail, family business, distribution, maintaining spin class bikes, and teaching.

As the Bike Educator with Evergreen, Shah Mohamed teaches safety cycling to kids. Tune in for Shah’s career path through a degree in neuroscience to volunteering in the bike community to teaching and health promotion.

Vivien Leong is the Welcome Cyclists Network Manager at Transportation Options, a non-profit dedicated to fostering sustainable travel and tourism. Join us to take a spin through Vivien’s career including stints in publishing, film festivals, editing, research, followed by graduate studies on bicycling as a sustainable transportation mode.

As Toronto Cyclists Union’s Director of Membership and Outreach, Jared Kolb leads membership growth, manages Bike Valet and Tune-Up Tuesdays, and coordinated the Bicycle Service Station. Gear up for Jared’s career story from co-chair of the Halifax Cycling Coalition to the College of Sustainability at Dalhousie University and his own cross-Canada cycling expedition.

SPARKS from Jan. 18 Career Buzz with award-winning advertising and marketing expert, Terry O’Reilly, author of “The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture,” and host of “Under the Influence” on national CBC radio. Listen to the whole interview!

A key turning point happened when Terry O’Reilly had five years under his belt but was still considered green. “One day I put my hand up in [an important client] meeting and said, ‘I feel differently, and let me take you through my thinking.’ The creative director looked at me… and… said… ‘I agree.’ And the whole room switched around to my point of view. In that moment, my career changed. I was given incredible opportunities by the creative director. It was the first time I had the courage to listen to my inner voice.”

CareerCycles Tip: Notice that Terry didn’t just disagree, he was able to take people through his thinking. So, next time that moment arrives for you, at work or anywhere else, and you want to speak up and be heard, think about Terry’s story.

Terry O’Reilly is also a Hiring Manager as Co-Founder of Pirate Radio & Television, a creative audio production company. Pirate has a staff of 50, with 8 recording studios in Toronto and New York City. When I asked him what attracts his attention when it comes to hiring, he said, “I love a beautifully written letter that really states someone’s point of view in a fresh and compelling way. I want to hear, ‘Dear Terry, I want to tell you a story…’ and then take me somewhere. At the end of that letter my reaction is, ‘Get this kid in tomorrow.’ And that’s happened.” For the record, Terry reads the cover letter before looking at a resume.

CareerCycles Tip: Invest the time to write a “beautiful letter” next time you reach out to a prospective employer. Terry also likes a handwritten letter, delivered by snail mail. He “would rip it open immediately, you never get that anymore.”

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