This week on Career Buzz, Mark goes to Houston, Texas for the 2019 National Career Development Association conference.

He first sits down with Pam Fillmon, who has a hunger for the stories of people. Pam brings insight into the complexity of change and the struggle of fitting passions and skills together. As principal of Fillmon and Associates, Pam offers people development programs that equip organizations, education, and military clients with best practices, tools, and training.

Collaborating with Pam is Hyung Joon Yoon. He’s Assistant Professor of Education, in Workforce Education and Development at the Pennsylvania State University. Joon was on the Board of NCDA.

Hear Pam and Joon discuss their presentation on Impact of a Corporate Career Development Program, that they gave at NCDA2019.

Later in the show, Mark gets a chance to connect with Tim Clark.  His personal business model approach evolved over 30 years doing 40 jobs, from washing dishes and tending bar to starting and running a professional services venture — and later selling it in a multimillion-dollar transaction. Tim conceived the Business Model You methodology while pursuing doctoral studies at Stanford, and cocreating the book Business Model Generation, by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.

And bonus!

Mark gets a chance to speak with Angela Chisholm.  Do you want to know what’s it like to have a pendulum career that swings between freewheeling and finance?

Angela Chisholm spent over 10 years leading adventure travel with Freewheeling Adventures then with Walking Adventures, before landing in business admin and finance as Operations Manager at Copernicus Studios,  an entertainment content development and production company in Halifax.

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