October 22, 2010

Maria Gamb is author of Healing the Corporate World: How Value-Based Leadership Transforms Business from the Inside Out. She spent more than 20 years directing and managing successful businesses included Macy’s, Geoffrey Beene, Liz Claiborne, and Polo-Ralph Lauren in roles such as Designer, Product Manager and Director. But she was not respecting who she was — as a woman, as a leader, or as a spiritual being — so she left the security she had worked so hard to achieve to found her consulting practice NMS (“no more stress”) Communications in 2007. Tune in on Friday to hear Maria expand on her belief that “as more people join in and embrace new-paradigm values in the workplace, the collective shift this engenders will enable us all to leverage our resources and create massive and exceptionally positive change around us.”

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Allow yourself to discover islands of career happiness. Sparks from last Career Buzz of Oct. 8

Did Jane Aubriet-Beausire “fall into” her career a career professional in Paris, France? Upon reflection, no, she didn’t fall into it, rather it was an “emergent” process similar to most contemporary careers. Here’s how Jane explained it on Career Buzz: “In the field of career management we often talk about defining jobs, and going for those jobs. The reality is that it’s all about this notion of emerging. In other words, we go toward things that appeal to us, we get our momentum, we express ourselves, we learn what we’re passionate about, we practice, then through the course of opening all these doors, and making all these moves, opportunities come up, you make a connection, you talk with a person, hear about something, you read an article, then things have a wonderful way of falling into place…. Look at what is my ‘north star,’ what is the direction I want to move in, and then allowing myself to take my little boat into the sea and go in that movement, and allow myself to come across certain islands  I might not have thought about.”
CareerCycles asks: Wondering what next in your career and life? Wouldn’t it be great to allow it rather than push it? A traditional, linear approach suggests naming the role or field and “selling yourself” for it, as many career books and professionals suggest. Another approach is based on Jane’s notion of allowing, underlined in her quote above, finely balancing profound receptivity with inspired action. Which approach sounds better to you?
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