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November 5, 2011

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What do you do if you’re facing personal, career or family challenges? If you’re lucky enough to work in the communications industry you call the National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS).  A registered charity, NABS national services offer career and other support to Canadian communications professionals. Friday’s Career Buzz guests support this mission…

Louise Berube is Director of Allocations and Services at NABS. With a depth of Human Resources career experience at a utility, a school board, in provincial government, and at an advertising agency, Louise now oversees NABS’ individual services, and proactive programs addressing the needs of communications industry employers.

Stefan Danis is CEO of recruitment firm Mandrake, and advises organizations on winning the war for talent. He’s been raising funds for NABS for 19 years, including fundraising runs across the Chilean Atacama Desert and the Gobi Desert, and next year, the Sahara.

Gabe Dunlop is a NABS Ambassador, and a former National Account Manager for Astral Media, recently appointed to the newly created team of Media, Markets & Innovation. As a “NABS Ambassador,” Gabe is a member of a volunteer network created to reach the new generation within the advertising, media and communications industry.

Monique Madan has worked with large financial institutions as well as the public sector and non-for profit agencies and now runs an independent financial planning firm. A Certified Financial Planner and Financial Management Advisor, Monique is NABS go-to person when clients need financial planning assistance.

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Healing the corporate world starts with you. Sparks from last Career Buzz of Oct. 22

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Maria Gamb is author of Healing the Corporate World: How values-based leadership transforms business from the inside out. She told listeners “the healing of the corporate world has to start with the individual. You have to shift your own internal mindset.”

CareerCycles asks: How will your work world look different today if, in every moment you’re tempted to blame, instead you ask yourself ‘How do I want this workplace to be?’ and speak from that place? For example, if you feel like blaming leadership for a bad decision, you might say, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if our business decisions took into account our own mission statement?’
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