Farmer raises eyebrows — and energy. Games make just wanted to help animals

December 24, 2010

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Now that Gordon Chinnick has decided to become a farmer, he tells people, “I’m raising eyebrows.” Gordon’s first career is in engineering in automotive and medical devices. Now he’s running a working  farm where he produces energy and farm products. Tune in and plug into our career power grid.
While running his liquidation business, Yvan David and his then-partner wanted to teach people to have a deeper respect for animals. So they invented a game, which soon caught on. Twenty-five years later, Family Games is now an environmentally aware and socially conscious Canadian success story.
It’s never too late. Sparks from last Career Buzz of Dec.10
Renee Barda abandoned a promising opera singing career in her twenties — because her husband opposed it — only to return to that vocation, with gusto, 30 years later. What did she do during those 30 years? In addition to raising her three sons, “I was a mother in a kitchen baking wonderful cakes for 30 years. My creativity came out in cakes. I love to make cakes.”
CareerCycles asks: How does your creativity come out? Renee’s musical creativity was on hold for decades, and she’s thrilled to be back singing and performing. Yet when she wasn’t singing she baked cakes — and loved it. Career twists sometimes move us away from one strength, but it’s good know another one is always available to us. What’s your second favourite strength? And what do you want to do next year to use it, and have some fun with it?
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