Family doc was chef and circus performer. Soprano proves it’s never too late.

December 10, 2011

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Renee Barda abandoned a promising opera singing career in her twenties — because her husband and his aristrocratic family opposed it — only to return to that vocation, with gusto, 30 years later. When Renee’s husband died in 2000, her grown sons urged her to reconnect to music, and it took her a year to work up the courage. Her talent is now showcased in major concerts. And, Renee’s inspiring life story aired on national television in 2003, in a program called “Second Chance; Making it Work.”

Jenny Clement is no ordinary family doctor. Jenny left to join the circus when she was done with her first career as a high-end chef. She went to circus school then performed for three years as an Acrobat/Artist, with Cirque du Soleil, in Las Vegas. Wanting a different life, she returned to Canada to finish an undergrad science degree and applied, and got in to, medical school. She’s been a successful physician and health educator since 2006.

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Making good career and life choices. Sparks from last Career Buzz of Nov.26

What did our two guests who have navigated dramatic and successful careers say they learned about making good choices? Svetlana Berger said “understand your strengths” from all your experiences. And Minerva Cernia added “persistence – I think that’s the key of any success.”
CareerCycles asks: What is one of your favourite strengths? Is it writing or coaching? Organizing or planning? Take a moment to name one strength you actually like to use. Now, think back to one time when you persisted through a setback when you were using that strength. Notice if it was easier to persist because you were using a strength. How can you use the answers to these questions as a ‘clue’ for you to resolve any current career or life dilemma?

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