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Career Buzz – Tattoo artists Omri Amar⁠ and ⁠Connor Yearwood⁠

How do people become tattoo artists? There are careers that require formal education, then there are careers like tattoo artist where the path is less structured, more colourful and storied. These stories often have their protagonists watching for clues and finding mentors, and taking inspired action to create opportunities. That’s the reality for this episode's [...]

Career Buzz – Second Career Educators by Noa Daniel on OnEdMentors

Noa Daniel is the host of OnEdMentors where passionate educators connect weekly to address questions, explore perspectives and learn from each other... Ever wondered why people change careers to become educators? What are some of the push and pull factors that would cause a change in direction to becoming an educator? This episode features Aggie Gasior, [...]

Career Buzz – Marie Zimenoff and Wayne Pagani on Hoda’s Career Info

Dr. Hoda Kilani is raising Career Literacy one interview at a time. In this episode, guests Marie Zimenoff and Wayne Pagani talk about the meaning of career agility and the value of keeping your network fresh. We will also learn about the Me First Model. And finally, be sure to listen till the end to find [...]

Career Buzz – Marc Belaiche, president and co-founder of TorontoJobs and Guhuza

When the pandemic hit, job losses quickly followed. So, if you were in recruiting and staffing, business wasn't good. That’s what happened to Marc Belaiche and his team at TorontoJobs. So they took some of their downtime to plan and pivot. The resulting site, Guhuza.com, may just be the Uber of the recruiting and staffing sector. [...]

Career Buzz – Noah Arney and Anna Gordon on Hoda’s Career Info

Dr. Hoda Kilani is raising Career Literacy one interview at a time. How do you overcome imposter syndrome? This episode of Hoda’s Career Info will tackle this career question and so much more as guests Noah Arney and Anna Gordon introduce us to “storying” and “mindset coaching” as well as offer tips that lead to [...]

February 28th, 2023|0 Comments

Career Buzz – from professional dancing, filmmaking, personal training, bodybuilding to rehab therapy with Kristin Haight

Dance across time with the unique career story of dancer, entrepreneur, body builder and rehabilitation therapist, Kristin Haight. At a critical turning point Kirstin accessed career counselling to help her identify her key skills and interests, link them to career possibilities and help her make a well informed choice. She’s made many choices. After a lengthy [...]

Career Buzz – private yacht boat captain, Robert High, and career professional, Angie Bjornson

After being shot at, threatened at gunpoint and rattled by having to catch drug runners, Robert High decided to change careers. He left the US Coast Guard and began a new career chapter as a private yacht boat captain. Hear Robert High’s fascinating career story, and take a tour of the 150 foot Cabernet yacht [...]

Career Buzz – Global Training and Development Leader John Hogan

What career can take you from Canada to Europe to Africa to the Middle East, and back again? You might think it’s a career in diplomacy or global finance or international aid. But you might not think about a career in… learning and development.John Hogan is an accomplished Global Training and Development Leader with 20+ years [...]

January 3rd, 2023|0 Comments
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