Amena Zafar is an educator and career coach who has worked extensively with youth and the not so young – from all over the world.  Ten years after finishing an MBA, Amena went back to school to get another graduate degree in adult education, where she focused on youth empowerment and community engagement. While much of her work experience was based in her native Pakistan, Amena has more recently been working at the University of Toronto on a government funded bridging program for internationally educated engineers.

Starting at 33:40 we here from Ambrish Saini. In 2010, Ambish Saini came to Canada from his native India, for a better future for his family and career. With education and experience as a civil engineer, Saini participated in the Licensing International Engineers into the Profession – a bridging program through U of T. He has since earned his P.Eng. license and founded his own engineering consulting company.

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