Do you take pride in your work?

Bookie (Noel Passey) grew up in Boston Bay, Jamaica. Now as an adult, he’s the main chef and brains behind Shaggy’s Jerk Shack in Boston Bay — centre of the universe when it comes to all things jerk, chicken, pork, conch. He loves his work and is proud of it. How did Bookie’s career unfold?

Bookie’s family has been cooking jerk for 34 years. Here’s what he told Career Buzz listeners: “As a little kid I used to scrape the hair off the pig. Clean clean clean. My grandfather learned me to do it, come up now I start to wash the tripe. Open him up and deal with him like a doctor. Take out all the bones and just leave the flesh.”

I asked him about his earlier career plans: “My plan was to be a soldier. But as I got older it got a little twist. You got to make your own job.” In one way of looking at it, Bookie was born into his career. Talking to him, it’s clear that he choses to be proud of what he does. Listen to my interview with Bookie, (from minute 1:00 to 8:00).

“Thanks Mark for this memorable opportunity of visiting my homeland, Jamaica, from cold Toronto.I enjoyed the inspiring stories from home. I can taste Bookie’s Jerk from Boston Bay, right now. I haffi go home to mi yaaad, soon cum Jamrock! Irie job, Mark! That’s the real Jamaica! A truly authentic, untouched, Jamaican experience with real, hardworking, honest people!” -Meme (Career Buzz listener)

Listen to the whole interview with Bookie, Devon, Robyn, and Karla van Loock who moved from Belgium and lived on a Jamaican beach for 10 years with her spearfisher husband and three kids before meeting an angel who transformed her career (amazing story starts at minute 35:30).

February 27, 2013


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We’ll be joined by two JCI members and past presidents: Jeremy O’Krafka is founder of MENTORnetwork, building a culture of mentorship for entrepreneurs around the world. Jann Vandermeulen is a Sales and Account Management Training & Development Manager with Morneau Shepell.

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