Where do you find a superstore of experience?
What’s the point of participating in a volunteer organization or association?

Jann Vandermeulen calls it a “superstore of experience.” Jann is past president of JCI Toronto and he told Career Buzz listeners how his membership and participation helped him build his career — he’s now an Account Management Training & Development Manager with Morneau Shepell.

Jann said, “If you want to network, if you want to meet people from around the world, if you want to learn how to speak in front of people, give back to community, run events, it’s all there.” Listen to this segment of my interview with Jann (from minute 45:00 to 47:00).

Hear the whole interview along with two other JCI Toronto presidents and their inspiring stories. Plus, check out the upcoming JCI Toronto event — experience the new Who You Are MATTERS! career and life clarification game on March 27.

March 13, 2013

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For the love of Canadian film – learn from the Canadian Film Fest founder and two filmmakers on Career Buzz on March 13.

Bern Euler loves movies and loves Canada. Put those passions together and you get the question Bern asked himself, ‘How hard could it be to create a Canadian film festival?’ Find out the answer by hearing the festival director of the 2013 Canadian Film Fest (March 20-23).


One film at the Canadian Film Fest is The Disappeared (screening March 22, 7pm) and we have two of its makers to share their career and filmmaking stories: The film’s marine coordinator Bill Flower has worked on more than 50 TV shows and movies. Bill started as a diver for salvage projects, and added more roles to his career including animal wrangler, running an ocean adventure company, lobster fisherman and farmer.

Ralph Holt produced The Disappeared, written and directed by Shandi Mitchell. Ralph spent more than twenty years with Telefilm Canada including National Sector Head for English-Language Feature Film, and green-lit many projects including Bon Cop, Bad Cop, and Shake Hands with the Devil.

Plus, what’s it like to work in a co-working space? What’s it like to run one? Find out from Beach Business Hub owner Martina Rowley, and and tenant and Internet consultant, Brian Gregoire.

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