May 1, 2013

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The art and craft of adaptability

artscrafts“What strengths do you draw on regularly to be successful in your career?” That’s a question I love to ask Career Buzz guests because I want listeners to hear the vast range of skills people use, expressed in their own, everyday language. Read on to hear how Jeffrey Remedios, CEO and founder of Arts & Crafts Records answered…

Jeffrey said he’s successful in promoting musical artists by using his ability to adapt — drawing on what he called aggregated past practice: “If you changed a hundred tires you’ll get pretty good at it.” How does this apply to his personal and professional goals? “What we do in music, the landscape changes so quickly. We’re faced with similar goals like we’re going to release this artist’s album or we’re going to promote this artist’s tour. How we go about it is going to change. You’ll be faced with what looks like the same variables but they’re actually different. You need to grow and adapt. You need to learn how to learn.”

Jeffrey said of his career that he’s “landed in heaven”. When I asked what he’d learned about making good career and life choices he replied, “find something you love to do and do it with your friends.”

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