Transitioning Graduates to Work

May 22, 2013

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“My friends aren’t working at the jobs they trained for… and others have given up looking. I’d go to school, but I decided that since the jobs are not there, it just isn’t worth it.” (Toronto Star, 2009).

So begins the report by Donnalee Bell, Senior Consultant with the Canadian Career Development Foundation, on precarious work and what to do about it. What programs work? Donnalee will share with Career Buzz listeners the results after scouring the world to find what works here and abroad. Plus, we hear from Janne Savolainen from Finland about a program that works there, the Youth Guarantee.

Learning about absolutely everything

When I asked Career Buzz guest, Donnalee Bell, Senior Consultant with the Canadian Career Development Foundation, what strengths she uses to be successful in her research projects, she said: “being able to learn about absolutely everything.”
I loved the everyday language Donnalee used coupled with her enthusiastic delivery. And, I thought how fitting it would be as a job interview response, for someone seeking a research position. She continued to tell Career Buzz listeners how she uses that strength. “Often, I’m faced with projects that I might not have expertise in. But because I really push myself in terms of knowing how to learn and be completely curious about everything, I’m able to manage those projects.”
Donnalee told listeners about her research and the resulting report on PINES, about Poorly Integrated New Entrants and their transition to work. Among the programs around the world that Donnalee found actually work was a program in Finland called Youth Guarantee. So we called up Janne Savolainen in Finland and he told us all about the program. If you’re under 30 and out of work or school for three months, the Youth Guarantee program jumps in and helps out. With what? Among the tools they have is a 10 month internship supported by the government in the form of a wage subsidy. In effect Finland has eliminated unpaid internships.

How does this apply to you? Do you love to learn? If so, consider taking a page out of Donnalee’s book and share your enthusiasm for learning in your next job interview or performance review, and see what happens! If you’re in your early career and don’t live in Finland, help is available. Check our Early Career program.

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