September 10, 2010

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Using her art to start a discussion and then continuing the conversation from the podium, Cheryl-Ann Webster is best known for her creation of the Beautiful Women Project.  A touring art exhibition, most recently at the CNE, of 120 life size clay sculptures of real women aged 19-91, each one is decorated to reflect an aspect of the women’s life journey. The keynotes, workshops and training that accompany the Beautiful Women Project broaden the understanding of the influences that shape perception, dispel diet and health myths, and encourage greater self-care. Tune in to hear the beauty of Cheryl-Ann’ s career and life story, in which she combines her degree in culture and communication, her interest in social justice, her diploma in art & design and her early career as a snake handler!

Amelia Ehrhardt is an independent contemporary dance artist performing and creating in Toronto.  She is a graduate of George Brown Dance, will soon complete a Bachelor of Arts in dance from York University, and was a docent for the Beautiful Women Project at the CNE this year.

Seeking a more wholesome family environment, Janet Grabner and her husband John Dahm picked up and moved, themselves — and a house — from Calgary to East Coulee, Alberta, in the heart of the Badlands. Which turns out to be quite ‘good lands’ for family and visitors alike. There, they operate Caracol Clay Studio, a career and life choice that emerged from an amazing series of serendipitous events, that you can hear about on Career Buzz, this Friday!

Bright SPARKS from Aug. 27 show: “It’s amazing what you find inside yourself”

“Once you decide to do it, it’s amazing what you find inside yourself to make it actually happen,” said Mark Evans, who shared insights about his multiple forays into entrepreneurship. He acknowledged the risks, then said: “When you’re doing your full time job or you’re not really sure about where you’re going, opportunities don’t really arise as much as you think. But once you jump into the lake and start swimming it’s amazing how many things start to materialize. People that you meet, opportunities that suddenly become very real.  They don’t happen until you actually try to make them happen and work it.”

CareerCycles asks: The word courage comes from Latin, cor, “heart,” which remains a common metaphor for inner strength. For which ONE IMPORTANT CHOICE OR CHANGE that you’re considering in your career and life, can Mark Evans’s quote give you courage?

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