September 24, 2010

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Nick Frühling is a graphic designer, media maker, and I.T. artist living and working in Richmond, BC.  Nick works in the Graphic Design program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University by day, and runs his freelance design business by night. Nick is passionate about creativity and big ideas, which he manifested in his totally unique job application to Pixar’s new office in Vancouver, for the position of Human Cannonball. We’ll explode that story in the second half hour of the show.

With an educational background in accounting, insurance underwriting, business administration and marketing — and prior to that in English and History — Daphne Woolf has 30 years of experience in management and human resource consulting. For 17 of those years, she was a national partner with a large international human resource consulting firm. The Employment Engagement Equation model she developed serves as a foundation for the work she does with senior-executive teams and employees alike as Managing Director of The Collin Baer Group.

Bright SPARKS from Sept. 10 show: “Art saved my life”

“When my life hit a very low point when I was 16 and 17,” said Cheryl-Ann Webster, best known for her creation of the Beautiful Women Project, “I realized that creating art, whether it was good quality or not actually was a healthy outlet for expression for my own feelings and fears at the time. In many ways, art saved my life.”

The foundation of Cheryl-Ann’s Beautiful Women Project is her touring art exhibition of 120 life size clay sculptures of real women aged 19-91, each decorated to reflect an aspect of the women’s life journey. Her art is not for sale. Instead, Cheryl-Ann told listeners that her livelihood flows from her speaking engagements, training and workshops emerging from creating and exhibiting her art.

“Have I was always been an artist? Probably not,” said Cheryl-Ann. “Have I always had art by me to see me through and give me guidance? Yes.”  When asked what she’s learned about making career and life choices, Cheryl-Ann emphasized that “life and work are not independent of each other.”

CareerCycles asks: What interest or activity, like Cheryl-Ann’s art, ‘has seen you through and given you guidance’? Is it cycling or samba dancing? Writing poetry or water skiing? Demonstrated interests like these can be important clues to solving career dilemmas. Consider John’s story, what would he do after retiring from teaching high school chemistry? He reflected back on his boyhood and recalled his fascination with cacti, and eventually opened South Bay Cactus Farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario. Name one of your own demonstrated interests…and really think about it. What related possibilities come to mind? Notice the clues that emerge over the next week related to that one demonstrated interest.
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