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'Mike, man, this store is for you. You gotta get down here.'

May 22, 2013 Click to Listen or Download "I wore suits to school. People thought I was a little strange," Mike Peters told Career Buzz listeners. He's Harry Rosen's Managing Director for Western Canada. As a teenager, Mike spent weekends combing the vintage stores of Winnipeg. He wondered how he could cultivate this natural interest into [...]

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What to do about 'precarious work'? Finland's answer: a youth guarantee

Transitioning Graduates to Work May 22, 2013 Click to Listen or Download   "My friends aren’t working at the jobs they trained for… and others have given up looking. I’d go to school, but I decided that since the jobs are not there, it just isn’t worth it." (Toronto Star, 2009). So begins the report [...]

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Become the Best

May 1, 2013 Click to Listen or Download The art and craft of adaptability "What strengths do you draw on regularly to be successful in your career?" That's a question I love to ask Career Buzz guests because I want listeners to hear the vast range of skills people use, expressed in their own, everyday [...]

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