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ACP International

Welcome, members of Association of Career Professional International Career Buzz shows focused on topics of interest for ACP International members, and related documents are posted on this page. Friday, February 11, 2011 or click here to download Guests: Jean Erickson Walker and Bill Pitcher Global Ambassadors scour the global marketplace for career trends and best [...]

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Announcing Career Explorer Blog on Verge Magazine

Click this link to go to the Career Explorer Blog at Travel as career development? Absolutely. Just ask fund manager, David Creighton. Wednesday, 22 December, 2010 “Business is an extension of my hobby,” says Montreal native, David Creighton whose passion for travel ultimately led to his present role as founder, president and CEO of Cordiant Capital—a fund management [...]

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Farmer raises eyebrows — and energy. Games maker set out to help animals.

Farmer raises eyebrows — and energy. Games make just wanted to help animals December 24, 2010 Or click here Now that Gordon Chinnick has decided to become a farmer, he tells people, “I’m raising eyebrows.” Gordon’s first career is in engineering in automotive and medical devices. Now he’s running a working  farm where he produces [...]

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Cirque de soleil acrobat becomes family doc. Soprano gets second chance.

Family doc was chef and circus performer. Soprano proves it’s never too late. December 10, 2011 Click the link below to listen or here to listen and download Renee Barda abandoned a promising opera singing career in her twenties — because her husband and his aristrocratic family opposed it — only to return to that [...]

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