April 23, 2010

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When Jonah Brotman was younger he thought he’d go into sports journalism, and used to think “profit was an evil thing.” Then he discovered the connection between business and social mission, and founded, Operation Groundswell, which Jonah says does “Africa for beginners.” Now he and Nogah Kornberg of Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada and thousands of others are remaking the world of business — as social enterprises — in their own image.

The more Dhani Oks of Academy of Lions/Crossfitgyms invests in his community, helps shelter residents, gives at-risk youth a chance to work, the more his social enterpise succeeds. Keys to his business success and his satisfying career change? “The lost art of building relationships.” And, “Almost everything I learned in a shitty job, I’m using now.” And, “I wrote down this idea. If you write it, it will happen.”

CareerCycles asks: Almost everyone can look back at a job or career or transition situation — whether it was satisfying or not — and identify strengths or skills they gained from it. We’ve heard it hundreds of times on Career Buzz.
Try this: Position yourself a few years forward, looking back to now, and someone asks you, ‘So what did you gain for that time in your life?’ What will you say? I learned how to write winning proposals? To build beneficial relationships? To win others over? Dust off your resume or bio, and edit it right now, and write three skills or strengths you’re gaining these days.
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