March 18, 2011

Click to listen or download “Success includes a lot more than money!” says Patrick Daniel, who’s volunteered in nine programs over the past 10 years. Searching for success after university, Patrick moved up the ranks in accounting firms, only to realize he wasn’t happy doing what he thought would make him successful. He started his own firm, then wrote and published ‘Finding Your Road to Success – How to get there without getting lost.’ Call in and win a free copy of the book! After a successful 10 year career in strategic consulting and corporate management, Lisa Taylor decided to focus her skills into an area she had always been passionate about – career transitions and adult learning. Prior to creating Challenge Factory and Grade Learning, Lisa managed Hewlett-Packard’s consulting organization in Canada and was a Senior Consultant with Deloitte & Touche. Plus, Phil Koole grew up working in the family business of growing flowers, runs a Costco garden centre each spring, volunteers with the Toronto Cyclist Union and is currently following his heart and working in the art of clown.
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