April 25, 2012

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Michael Gustar was a probationary officer until he went back to college to study volunteer management, got a job at the humane society, and then his career “went to the dogs!” Now as the Manager of Agency and Volunteer Resources at Volunteer Hamilton he’ll share stories of how he helps thousands of people connect to meaningful volunteer opportunities.

When Shawn Kelly retired at age 47 after 30 years working at Stelco, he ramped up his own volunteer activities and now advocates and presents on the value of volunteering to develop your career. Shawn says volunteer opportunities can transform your resume “from blah to amazing.” He’ll share insights from his forthcoming book, “Volunteer to Be a Millionaire.”

As a volunteer president and chair of the Toronto Cyclists Union, Heather McDonald will share with listeners all about her skill-building and career-enhancing experiences. Inspire your life, empower your career, enrich your week. Career Buzz is on Wednesday, April 25, 11am-noon Eastern, 89.5 FM in Toronto or online.

Sparks from Career Buzz of April 11

Youth unemployment was the topic, and recent grad Peter Donnan joined us to talk about his unpaid internship and how by making himself indispensible, he got an offer for a full time job. CBC radio producer Neil Sandell has been studying the problem of youth unemployment, and he highlighted for listeners that there are 200,000 fewer jobs for youth in Canada now compared to before the recession. “We need to encourage a culture of great internships,” he said. Listen to the whole interview.

CareerCycles Tip: If you’re a recent grad, or know one, take in Peter Donnan’s advice: “It’s never too early to start looking for your career.” Neil Sandell suggested that it’s better to take something than nothing. Sure you can be fussy and have high expectations, but, Neil said, “you never know from the outside what a job is going to be like, and you never know what kind of learning you’ll acquire. You don’t know where [a job] is going to lead.” Listen to our inspiring archived interviews.

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