How can you manage your time and expectations better, succeed in a job search and get important stuff done?

“I’m not afraid of hearing ‘No.’ Until I hear a No, I keep gently asking for advice, support or mentorship,” said award-winning editor and Globe and Mail Women@Work columnist, Leah Eichler, in our recent Career Buzz interview. In one successful job search, Leah said, “I never got a ‘No,’ and in my mind, that means ‘Keep Trying!'” What about managing your time and getting stuff done? Leah recommended, “Imagine someone is paying you for your time,” She advised Career Buzz listeners to be vigilant about how they spend time. “My time is very precious, it really is my only commodity.” She suggested, “you really need to look at it everyday, and examine where you’re spending your time.” Leah left her job as digital editor at Thomson Reuters in 2012 to pursue her dream of creating her own innovative digital media business, Femme-O-Nomics. Listen to the whole interview and you’ll hear and a new feature, Career Buzz Conversations (at minute 38:50), about employability skills you get from post-secondary education. If you’re wondering how to turn your skills and desires into a career you love, consider one of our individual career management programs.

Want to boost your self-confidence, expand your professional network and move forward in your career?

November 28, 2012

Click to Listen or Download Feature interview with Shawn Mintz, founder of MentorCity, an online mentor matching company to help people achieve greater success. Hear Shawn’s career story from working in employment services to becoming a social entrepreneur profiled in Canadian Newcomer Magazine. If you or anyone you know has a creative ‘gift’ in music, art, performance, or anything else, then you won’t want miss our interview with Luis Figueroa. A gifted musician, Luis is moving his career forward as a drummer for neo-psychedelic gypsy rock group, Arizona Lily, as a guitarist for Duck Duck Goose and as a music teacher and specialty taco maker.
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