Mar 28, 2012

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When is it best to look for a job? And, what does it mean to support a healthy work culture?

On Wednesday, March 28th, Career Buzz offered an engaging hour of radio featuring career management tips from a recruiter as well as a founder of a wellness in the workplace magazine.

Always interested in creative marketing frameworks, Jack Nodel now applies his marketing and relationship building skills as Managing Partner of Ares Staffing, a recruiting company. Transforming his undergrad sociology degree and early career experience as a DJ, Jack moved into recruiting, where his skills have helped the company stay resilient during the ups and downs of business cycles. We joined Jack on-air as we explored his career story, and got tips on job compatibility, when to look for a job, and career management.

When Vera Asanin founded Your Workplace, she “created an environment where every person working with [her] would know that the day they created was totally within their control.” As President & CEO of the magazine devoted to wellness, leadership, and supporting healthy work culture in Canada, Vera started Your Workplace as her way of making a difference. “I was fortunate to have had so many positive work experiences before my accident. After two years on disability, I was willing to do anything to have purpose again.” Vera’s story of calm creativity, courage, and resilience through adversity is especially inspiring.

Karen Richardson is an editor, writer, and blogger with a focus on digital media, for Canadian newspapers and magazines including Medical Post, Chatelaine, and most recently as Associate Editor for Your Workplace. Karen’s career story includes chapters in communications, production, publication management, and copy editing.

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SPARKs from Career Buzz on March 14: Career management expert Deirdre Pickerell of Life Strategies shared with listeners the four factors of her employee engagement model. In conversation, we acknowledged that many companies are now conducting employee engagement surveys, but, Deirdre said, “Don’t survey if you’re not going to do something with the results.” Great advice! I love asking guests to tell listeners about the strengths they use to be successful. Let’s call it ‘strengths in their own words.’ Roberta Neault said her strengths are “resilience, constant optimism, and quick thinking.” When I asked economist Todd Hirsch about his strengths, he said, “I used to think I was more of a charts and graphs guy, but my main skill is in communication, both written and verbal.” As a well-respected presenter and media expert, Todd has clearly differentiated himself with his unique combination of strengths.

CareerCycles Tip: Name three of your strengths in your own words that you use to be successful in your career and life – feel free to borrow Roberta’s and Todd’s strengths, or use them for inspiration. Write them in an email and send them to yourself! Listen to the whole interview

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Thanks to all of you who asked about our recent ‘Enriching Lives & Careers Trip to Nicaragua.’ It was truly enriching for our group of eight, and the highlight was the moving ceremony when the construction site of the house we built in 2 1/2 days became the home of a young family. Stay tuned for the video in the next issue of SPARK.

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