April 22, 2011

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Executive Director of The Second City Toronto, Klaus Schuller shares his career story and leadership tips. Klaus leads the renowned company’s four divisions: theatre, school, corporate communications, TV. Klaus’s career journey began with a degree in English, and then a few years later when he ran out of money after film writing projects dried up, a friend of a friend helped him get a basic job at Second City in his native Chicago. How to create a lucky break, and how to manage your career once you’re in — Tune In! — there’s something for everyone in Klaus’s story.

Alan Kay is a Solution Focus change consultant and author of Fry the Monkeys-Create a Solution. Presently Principal of The Glasgow Group, Alan is a former senior executive in the advertising and marketing communications industry, and was Managing Director of Toronto ad agency, Harrod & Mirlin. Dial us in for tips on managing change.

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