A whole new me: Career reinvention

In a swooning economy, more people may rethink the career path they’ve been on to move in a completely different direction

MARJO JOHNE Special to The Globe and Mail

November 5, 2008

Four years ago, in the midst of a conversation with the office accountant, Peter Zednik had an epiphany.
“I thought, ‘I want to do what you do. I want to be an accountant.’ ”
It was quite a leap: Mr. Zednik had spent the previous 30 years building a career in the theatre, with stints as an actor, music director and award-winning playwright. At the time of his conversation with the accountant, Mr. Zednik was 47 and general manager of a Vancouver theatre company.
Could he really make the jump from the world of stages to the world of balance sheets?

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