Enriching Lives and Careers Trip to Nicaragua, 2012

Eight days starting February 23

Join us for a free, informal info meeting, with pictures, Central American food, Q&A, meet the leaders…

WHEN: Tues. Oct. 4, 5.30-7 pm
WHERE: Bella Managua Restaurant, 872 Bloor St. W, at Ossington, Toronto

HOSTS: Mark Franklin of CareerCycles, with Gonzalo Duarte and Dalena Taylor of Companeros on a special visit to Ontario

RSVP: 416 465 9222 service@careercycles.com
WHAT: Continuing with our philosophy of applying a distinctive holistic approach to enriching careers and lives, CareerCycles is seeking interested participants for our 2012 experience-based-volunteering opportunity. This year our service project will give you a chance to help a family replace their shack with a transitional home, alongside skilled locals and the NGO untechoparamipais.org.

Nicaragua 2012 itinerary and program details

Nicaragua 2012 poster

This is a cross-cultural, active experience designed to evoke clarity and energetic purpose about your life and career choices, featuring FIVE linked components:

Volunteer on a community service project (2 days) alongside local skilled trades people employed with your program fees.
Encounters with political, economic, and social agencies and inspiring individuals who influence positive community change.
Excursions: Pacific beach time, volcano hike, coffee farm tour, lagoon cruise, plus cycling, tree-top zip line, Spanish options.
People-to-people home stays in the capital city, Managua. Latin American markets, cafés, and new cuisine!
Conversations and reflections about your experiences, and how they matter to your life and career back home.

“In one week, it brought me as close to ordinary, daily life as is possible for a group of outsiders.” -Penny Williams
Led by Mark Franklin, MEd, PEng, CMF, (second from left) practice leader of CareerCycles, and Companeros staff – leaders of over 600 Canadians on 50+ trips, retreats, and service learning journeys. Hear Career Buzz interview with Gonzalo Duarte, and with Dalena Pondler Taylor (scroll down on page).
Mark and an amazing team of eight Associates have enriched the career wellbeing of 3500+ clients. Mark has led over a dozen active travel journeys to Nicaragua, Cuba, Western Canada and Prince Edward County. Since 2009, Mark has teamed up with Companeros to lead service oriented people-to-people journeys in Nicaragua.
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“Your methodology provides so much encouragement, as well as clarity of self and circumstances, that it becomes impossible not to take action.  I am very grateful for your assistance in my time of need.” -Rui Umezawa
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