What stays the same–and what changes–in financial services, and music, in quarter century careers.
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January 28th 2011

Friday’s Career Buzz guests work in totally different fields, one in financial services, the other in music and yet they share the perspective of professionals who’ve invested over 40,000 hours each in their careers, traversing the depth and breadth of their respective areas. They’ve seen their fields change–and they’ve changed. Many times. We’ll connect the dots across two quarter-century careers this week on Career Buzz…
David Brill has spent his quarter century in the securities industry.  He has been both a bond salesman and trader, a bond broker, an advisor to high net worth clients, a COO of an investment dealer and a research analyst on the equity side.  Brill is presently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Baskin Financial Services. Drill down on Brill’s career, and find out how he weathered the financial crisis since he last appeared on Career Buzz in 2007!
Deborah Staiman’s quarter century career spans roles as performer, opera singer, cantor, voice teacher, and wedding officiant.  Earlier, she pursued an operatic career in London, England and then in Rome.  Later, Staiman combined her love for singing and Judaism, entered a cantorial program and in 1991 earned a Master of Sacred Music and Investiture as a Cantor. She then served congregations in New Jersey and Florida, before returning to her roots in Toronto. Recently Deborah released her first CD entitled “Mosaic.”
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