Dance across time with the unique career story of dancer, entrepreneur, body builder and rehabilitation therapist, Kristin Haight. At a critical turning point Kirstin accessed career counselling to help her identify her key skills and interests, link them to career possibilities and help her make a well informed choice.

She’s made many choices. After a lengthy career as a professional dancer in Winnipeg, mentored by the dance trailblazer Rachel Browne, a foot injury led Kristin to her first career change. Since then she’s made diverse career choices that have led her into filmmaking, personal training, dance instructing, body building and now, into rehab therapy. She was even named Ms. Figure Manitoba in 2019. Of these many twists and turns and career choices, Kristin says “Any decision I’ve made has come true.” She now works at a rehabilitation therapy assistant which she calls “soul filling work”. There’s much to learn in this interview with Kirstin Haight.

Kirstin Haight on LinkedIn

Kristin received career counselling through her connection to Dancer Transition Resource Centre  She accessed career counselling by CareerCycles

Kristin learned personal training here

Life and times of dance icon, and Kristin’s mentor, Rachel Browne

Kristin worked on this film about dance icon Rachel Browne

Kristin danced this solo choreographed by Rachel Browne

Kristin’s personal training site

Kristin studied Rehab Therapy Assistant program at CDI

Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg where Kristin works

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