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Canada ranks 13th of 23 countries in 3 career management needs


I was surprised to find Canada in the lower half of these international career management rankings, below countries like Saudi Arabia, and well ahead of USA.

Hello, I’m Jasper Naerger from Germany, and I am doing an internship – with good financial support from my country, by the way – at, a career management social enterprise with Associates in Toronto and Vancouver. Practice leader, Mark Franklin, asked me to analyze the self-report results of 3 questions in the 23 country papers submitted to the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy (ICCDPP) and published on their site.

As part of their submission, country teams evaluated themselves, responding to three specific questions, on a scale from 1 – 5. The questions are:

  1. To what degree are the established career content, programs and services in your country meeting the career needs of the population?
  2. How does career development provided in schools, produce ‘career ready school leavers’ in your country?
  3. What is the strength of the public policy evidence base for career development in your country?

Together with Mark, we reviewed the results and prepared this rankings chart:


Canada ranks 13th of 23 countries, just below the halfway point.

I was surprised that Germany is not among those countries that submitted country papers. I was also surprised the UK ranked so highly. When I lived and worked in the UK – near Bournemouth – I noticed a lot of people were unemployed, especially in winter when tourism slowed.

Another big surprise for me was to find that the USA team had scored themselves so low. They gave themselves failing grades (2 out of 5 across the board). From my European perspective, America seems to imagine themselves as the greatest country in the world. So to see these low results from an American team, shows an unusual amount of honesty and humility, from my perspective.

The ICCDPP aims to facilitate and promote international policy sharing and learning on career development and public policy issues. The purpose of sharing is to improve national and regional policies and systems for career guidance. The Centre collects, analyses, and disseminates policy and systems knowledge [source:].

On June 18-21, 2017, 23 country teams, including Canada, join the 8th International Symposium. Teams submitted country papers ( in which they describe their career development progress along four themes:

  1. Understanding how work opportunities are changing,
  2. Ensuring that content and delivery of career development programs and services are relevant,
  3. Improving career practitioner training and practice,
  4. Reforming career services in education and labour to focus on career competencies and successful transitions.

Questions for you:

What surprises you about these results?

How accurate do you think all country teams have been in their self-evaluations?

Add your comments to this blog post, or let us know on social media @careercycles


Opening Up a World of Career Opportunities & Lifetime Experiences


Seeing the need for post-secondary graduates to really understand and grasp opportunities Alex McKee founded Millennial Xchange. Not limiting itself as a mentor program but a career launch pad where ambitious creative minds can connect with professionals from all walks of life.

Also joining the conversation are Diane Latta, a mentor with Millennial Xchange and mentee, Harrison Olajos, of Campus Brainiac. Two Innovators in helping students build bridges with industry leading professionals as well as helping students from early stages shape their career paths towards a brighter future.


Taking a Workplace Sabbatical: Perfect Springboard to Career and Life Renewal


What is it like to take a years sabbatical? How do you organize one, not if you’re a professor or a teacher, but as an employee in a regular Canadian workplace? Caterina Sanders shares her experiences from a one year global travel sabbatical with her family. She’s back at work at Habanero Consulting in Vancouver with a new sense of refreshment focusing on bringing human-centered design work to employee experience consulting. Drawing from her experiences Caterina helps connects the dots for those wanting to know.


Pursuing a Career in Sales – Three Interviews from the Great Canadian Sales Competition


Sheila Cassidy leads the Great Canadian Sales Competition, one of Canada’s biggest student competitions. Her team, including 150 student Ambassadors coast to coast, promotes sales as a career and a valuable skill-set to students across Canada.

A trailblazer and Chief Revenue Officer at Ceridian, Larry Dunivan was instrumental in moving Ceridian to a cloud-based company. Larry also sits as one of the judges for the Great Canadian Sales Competition.

Carter Grant, a fourth year Business Management student enrolled in the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson, was a top 5 finalist at the 2nd annual Great Sales Competition. He competed against over 1,000 other students to reach his place amongst the standouts of the competition.

Sheila, Larry & Carter share their experiences with the Great Canadian Sales Competition as well as some sound advice for those wishing to pursue a successful career in sales.


Who You Are Matters! – New video explains game and narrative assessment


Put the power of story in your hands.

video-game-imageOneLifeTools bridges the gap between leading edge career theory and practice. Our mission is to help scale up career management with our Narrative Assessment games, tools and training.

The narrative approach has demonstrated effectiveness in several studies, and normally relies exclusively on 1-on-1 meetings. Within a world of limited resources, OneLifeTools offers a better solution. Our easy to use Narrative Assessment system maximizes your 1-on-1 meetings with an evidence-based method*, the fun and social Who You Are Matters! group discovery experience, and an Online Storyteller providing individual post-game narrative assessment tasks that increase depth, comprehensiveness and impact.

We are very excited to bring these game changing tools to an international audience and hope you’ll join us as we work to empower HEROIC careers & lives.

Mark Franklin & Rich Feller
co-founders, OneLifeTools
please visit our new site

“My Career Ended with a Mosquito Bite” – the challenges of transitioning away from Athletics and Dance


Dancers and athletes share strikingly similar challenges in their career and life transitions. Personal identity tied to profession, loss of community and team, and mental health are some of the challenges that athletes and dancers navigate in their transition from high performance.

Annamay Oldershaw Pierse swam for Canada in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics. In 2009 she broke 4 World Records. In 2010 Annamay was bit by a mosquito and got Dengue fever, which ended her career. Annamay is currently an elementary teacher with the Halton district school board.

After a fifteen-year dance career, during which he was a First Soloist with the National Ballet of Canada and performed principal roles on Broadway, Chris Body went back to school. Now he works as a Physician Assistant (PA) at Toronto General Hospital.

Hear Annamay and Chris’ inspiring stories on this episode of CareerBuzz.

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With the growing threats to personal and government data security what are we supposed to do to protect against cyber attacks? And with the growing threats come career opportunities: information security was among the top 10 jobs for 2016. Learn more about the field of Cyber Security and Sems own career path that took her from working in various federal agencies to founding Xahive.

Jobs in the Great Outdoors –Tree planting, fishing camps & Zamboni driving


10 year veteran tree planter Adam Yudelman stopped pursuing a math degree so he could focus on something we often neglect, doing things he actually enjoys.

Adam’s love of the outdoors and working with his hands lead to his long and varied resume as a tree planter, fishing camp hand, organic farmer, bicycle courier, outdoor carpenter and even Zamboni driver. Hear Adams story and refreshing attitude on career & life in this episode of CareerBuzz.

What can you learn from outdoor active experience? – Interview with Outward Bound Executive Director, Sarah Wiley


During a mountain biking trip in Nepal, Sarah Wiley realized her planned career in law might not be the right fit. Now, as Executive Director of Outward Bound Canada, she is helping others learn about themselves and connect with the great outdoors. Hear Sarah Wiley’s inspiring story and learn about Outward Bound Canada in this episode of Career Buzz.


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