Kerri Brock HNCP, CAPP

Senior Associate

The joy that I get when I witness the shift in how someone takes up their possibilities is what brings me to each session.

I use my strengths of curiosity, perspective, and resourcefulness to show clients the steps toward the path of their purpose and unblock the obstacles that impede clarity, and then connect them to networks and resources for intentional exploration.

I utilize my assets of Certificates in Applied Positive Psychology, Family Trauma and Organizational Change combined with 25+ years of experience in a variety of sectors; Technology, Data & Loyalty Marketing, Social Enterprise, and roles; project & change management, learning & development, sales & marketing, fundraising and facilitation & coaching to deliver effective coaching programs and human capital interventions.

My natural interests and desires flow into one another and meet at the point of human flourishing & self-love. I want to start a self-love movement.

Kerri Brock

Kerri’s Career Statement

Desires iconMy Desires, which are what I’m wanting and what’s important to me include:

  • I desire a human condition that is based on self-love and flourishing.
  • I desire to have a work life that is varied and rich in human experience that is raw and sometimes rugged.
  • It is important to me that I continue to grow and develop each day.

Natural Interests iconI’m Naturally Interested in:

  • I love bringing networks of diverse groups of people together in play to explore complex and messy topics and generating ideas/solutions that make the world a better place.
  • I’m interested in how organizations function and the impacts of culture on performance.
  • I’m interested in how I will spend my time with my new dog, Happy the Dog.
  • I’m interested in how I will handle letting go, now that my daughter has decided to move to Australia.
  • Evolving identity – Nurture my woman warrior

Strengths iconThe Strengths I want to use are:

Creativity: Is the language for designing deep human connection. Is the fuel that generates ideas for innovation and social impact. Is the limitless, untethered space where exploration and collision can occur.

I pride myself on experiencing life in this creative space and sweep the way for new ideas and ways of being to emerge. Words are my art. Poetry, song and performing stories are all creative ways in which we express ourselves and influence the world around us.

Facilitation: The exchange of ideas, concepts and energy when you bring groups of people together is inspiring, thought-provoking and creates a wealth of human, social and organizational capital. I have experience in group facilitation using Appreciative Inquiry, Community Based Social Marketing, World Systems Model. Group Relations and Human Centred Design.

Resourceful – My resourcefulness is a wonderful by-product of my curiosity. I have become part of a varied network of people, in-kind and financial resources that are necessary to create movements and change systems. My knowledge is richer because of my networks.

Assets iconMy credibility and impact come from my Assets of:

  • Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP)
  • Holistic Narrative Career Practitioner (HNCP)
  • Group Relations: Psychoanalysis of Groups
  • World Systems Model Associate (International Futures Forum Education Branch; h3 Uni)
  • Appreciative Inquiry

I bring to CareerCycles: 25 years of business experience across Social Entrepreneurship, Technology and Marketing, an extensive and diverse network of healthy relationships within several industry sectors, a strong knowledge of emerging organizational trends and how they influence the sourcing, matching, placement and development of talented candidates and a deep understanding and passion for learning about and coaching people through their career and life journey with a strengths based focus.

Personal Qualities iconMy Personal Qualities and how others describe me include:

I am the creative disruptor. The ‘bringer together” of people for purpose.

If you want to know something new and emerging chances are I am at the fringe of it trying to see how it fits or makes things better. Others say that it’s not what I do but how I do it…I’m never sure what that means but I think it means that it’s not too hard to be around me and work with me.

I have a high energy and often jump from thought to thought but that’s my creative process knitting together patterns to see where the possibilities emerge.

Other People iconOther People who influence me include:

I am blessed to have a range of go-to mentors from a variety of fields and age groups. My youngest mentors are 4 year olds because of their ability to just be in the moment and filled with curiosity and creativity each and every second. Other mentors are seasoned professionals “retiring” from various sectors. Although that’s not what they are doing – “tiring”, I mean.

And then there is a host of women that I respect for the simple and powerful ways in which they give of themselves, doubt themselves, and strive for themselves and others. They are an inspiration each time I am near them. Some have been in my life for 35 years, others 35 days.

All of whom are great banks to my river flow as they guide and open my thinking.

Possibilities iconI’m most curious about exploring the Possibilities of:

My #1 VIA Character Strength is Curiosity which leads me to be curious about many things in and about the Universe. I choose to focus my curiosity around three themes; Positive Psychology and the benefits of eudemonia, mindfulness, empathy, self-compassion and self-love in navigating our complex and often messy world to create flourishing and well-being. Behavioural Epigenetics & Somatic Experience specifically the affects of emotions and trauma on the body and interventions to identify and release energy in the body. Group Relations & Psychoanalysis and the affects of disruption and innovation that drives anxiety in workgroups and society. Outside of human well-being I am curious about poetry and words, singing, urban farming, aquaponics, water preservation, scuba diving, culture & languages, and social justice.