How can parents and teachers navigate students through the tricky gap between high school and whatever comes next?  Emil Boychuk is a seasoned high school teacher and guidance counsellor. He is passionate about helping youth, especially with their career choices and planning. Emil is co-author of a book called Under Construction: Career Pathways to Work and is currently chair of the Association of Career Educators. As well, we have Janice Chappell-Traimer of the Association of Career Educators of Ontario, who is the vice chair. As a single mother, Janice earned 3 degrees and got a teaching job within the TDSB, eventually becoming the head of guidance.

Starting at 32:20, Eleni MacDonald’s interest in social justice and equality led her to study political science at university and then to take a post grad college diploma in international development. Her passion for the environment is a direct result of the current environmental crisis facing her generation. 23 year old Eleni is a Green Party candidate for Scarborough North, while still holding a full time job.

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