July 24, 2013

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Today we continue our exploration of what makes a thriving workplace. How to attract and retain staff, especially early career people, so called Gen Ys. What about the link between individual and organizational wellness? The costs, risks and benefits associated with a healthy and engaged workforce was the focus of Your Workplace conference 2013, and I was pleased to be there to capture short interviews with top speakers.

To make sense of it all, I’m joined today by Human Resources expert Angie Bjornson. Angie is Founder and President of talent management firm Bjornson & Associates and is a Certified Human Resources Professional. She has 15+ years in Human Resources and Education Management roles within education and service, including public and private post-secondary, associations, talent agencies and service industry. Angie is also Faculty member at the Canadian Management Centre. Most recently Angie has been working at the crossroads of career management and employee engagement.

Part 1 was broadcast July 3, 2013. Today’s Part 2 guests include:
YWC_speak_CL YWC_speak_KDYWC_speak_HTChristine Lucy, Robert Half International

Karen Duffy, Wellness Direct

Heather Turnbull, partner at Lanaverde

Ben Skelton, Adam Crandell, Habanero Consulting

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