June 25, 2010

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What’s it like to live in garbage dump? That’s exactly where we go on Friday, into a huge garbage dump in Managua, Nicaragua, to see how people live — and work — in La Chureca dump. This past March I led our ‘enriching lives and careers trip to Nicaragua’ and recorded inspiring interviews that I want to share with you. We’ll hear from Rubén Silva, the coordinator of the youth community centre, Juntos Contigo, in La Chureca dump. He tells us about his career that’s a unique combination of social worker, and electrical engineer. And, you’ll hear about “experience based volunteering,” the new face of volunteering.

Rubén Silva, coordinator of Junto Contigo community centre, in La Chureca dump, Managua, Nicaragua.

Ryan Leech lives and breathes mountain biking. Since childhood it was his hobby and his passion. But how do you make a hobby pay the bills and remain your passion? Ryan tells all. He’s made a living from mountain biking for over 10 years, and counting, since high school. He’s now one of the best-known trials riders in the world. Through a gradual process of meeting older riders, learning the business side, performing, and attracting sponsors like Norco Bikes and Kenda Tires. He now travels extensively, does shows, gives inspirational talks.

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