Put the power of story in your hands.

OneLifeTools bridges the gap between leading edge career theory and practice. Our mission is to help scale up career management with our Narrative Assessment games, tools and training.

The narrative approach has demonstrated effectiveness in several studies, and normally relies exclusively on 1-on-1 meetings. Within a world of limited resources, OneLifeTools offers a better solution. Our easy to use Narrative Assessment system maximizes your 1-on-1 meetings with an evidence-based method*, the fun and social Who You Are Matters! group discovery experience, and an Online Storyteller providing individual post-game narrative assessment tasks that increase depth, comprehensiveness and impact.

We are very excited to bring these game changing tools to an international audience and hope you’ll join us as we work to empower HEROIC careers & lives.

Mark Franklin & Rich Feller
co-founders, OneLifeTools
please visit our new site http://onelifetools.com/

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