Toronto is blessed with beautiful natural surroundings – ravines, woods, rivers (both above and buried), creeks, and a Great Lake that nourishes the city.  This walk is for anyone who wants to make the most of Toronto’s natural setting and engage in conversations about how our lives, work and nature intersect and inform us.DonValleyCycling_15 I liked the prompts to observe nature, and the invitation to make the connection between nature, and my life and career. -participant Our walking route takes us through amazing and little known pathways along the Don River: enjoy a wildflower preserve, learn about a life-giving wetland, see what happens as a forest grows where a paper mill once stood, cross two bridges, scope out a secret cycling route, hear the rush of rapids, thrill to the sights and sounds of hawks and salmon, engage all your senses with nature in the city. This walk is an active experience designed to evoke clarity and energetic purpose about your life and career, featuring FOUR linked components:
  • Encounters with the natural world right in your backyard!
  • Natural and municipal history with information shared in the moment
  • People-to-people experience with your fellow walkers
  • Conversations and reflections inspired by nature and facilitated during the walk, and how these conversations matter to your life and career
  • Holistic and integrated view of self in the world
  • A felt sense of harmony and wellbeing
  • A shift in belief that the future is welcoming, not a hostile, anxiety-producing or fearful place
I got a sense of renewal, more relaxed from nature connection and a reminder of what’s important to me. -participant It was lovely and meditative. I really appreciated the opportunity to explore a new part of the city and meet new people. -participant Date: Contact us to select a date for your staff, team or employees, mid-April to mid-November, weekdays or weekends.
Time: three hours, e.g. 10 am – 1 pm
Start and End Point: Todmorden Mills back parking lot at 67 Pottery Road  (see map) Public Transit Directions:
  • Go to Broadview Station (subway station 3 stops east of Yonge)
  • Get on any bus (not a streetcar), and get off at Mortimer/Pottery Rd. (at Dairy Queen).  Or you can walk from Broadview Station,  approx. 10 mins.
  • Turn left and walk downhill on sidewalk on Pottery Rd.
  • Continue down to Todmorden Mills entrance (Fantasy Farm sign on the right)
  • Turn left into Todmorden Mills entrance and proceed to back parking lot.
Driving:   see Google Maps for location and directions Attire: Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking for 1-2 hours.  Wear clothing appropriate for the day’s weather.  Bring a hat for sun, or an umbrella for sprinkling rain.  Be prepared to walk for one hour or more, with frequent stops. Level of difficulty and Accessibility:  Must be physically able to walk for approx. 1-2 hours. There is one very long and steep hill.  There will be curbs and steps (not wheelchair accessible) What to bring: Sunscreen, water bottle, hat, snack.
About your leaders: Led by Pat Parisi, CareerCycles Associate and Mark Franklin, president and practice leader of CareerCycles – leaders of over 600 participants on 50+ trips, retreats, walks and service learning journeys.
Cost: Contact us for pricing for your group or organization. Space limited to 15 people.
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